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Jacqueline Corbett: lover of Life and its many manifestations including Love, Joy, Bliss, Beauty, Truth and Peace.
Lover of serendipity, synchronicity and being so 'tuned in' to the Universe that what she thinks often manifests.
Lover of physical immortality. Choosing to live in the 'Forever Now Moment' where life is, arguably, truly 'eternal'.
A visionary who consciously sees a world in which all beings live in the "Forever Now Moment" and embody the
ONLY thing which is real: LOVE.

This website is dedicated to sharing and celebrating the many thoughts
and images which together comprise the beginning of 'Paradise on Earth':
"a virtual community visualization board' where, via our collective thoughts
and shared imaeges , consciously co-create a world of Peace, Joy, Love, Health and Bliss...
and total prosperity for all, with no one left out.

"I affirm that Peace, Love, Joy, Health, Beauty, Prosperity and everlasting Life are our natural birthright,
our true state of being. I affirm that we live in a Quantum Universe where we create our reality with
our thoughts and our words. I invite all who read and resonate with these words to join me as together
we assemble a 'critical mass' of individuals who are consciously and fervently knowing and affirming love
and peace and joy and health and bliss with their hearts and souls." ~
Jacqueline Corbett





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